20+ Unique Bathtub Shower Combo Ideas For Modern Homes

Some of you have a spacious home but some don’t. Luckily, you can make use of the small space by building a tubber combo. We promise our brilliant bathtub shower combo ideas won’t fail to amaze you.

Having shower-tub combo also allows you to indulge in a refreshing occasional bubble bath. That’s the reason it is better than a walk-in shower. Since the styles are nearly endless, you can enhance yours with these great options.

Most Popular Tub/Shower Combo Design Ideas for 2019

1. Ergonomic and Fashion-Forward

bathtube shower combo ideas
bathtube shower via pinterest.com

This idea surely will entice people who live in a tiny house. The washroom’s ergonomic design does not take up lots of space.

Plus, it displays sexy curves and gives a feminine aura to the bathroom. The neutral colors also exude a soothing ambiance. You couldn’t ask for more, right?

2. Black Tiled-Bathroom with Sunken Tub

2. Black Tiled-Bathroom with Sunken Tub
bathtub shower via pinterest.com

If you want to involve modern decor into your lavatory, a sunken bathtub is a right choice. Its trendy look will certainly remind you of bathroom in a luxurious spa.

While black-tiled walls add elegance to space in no time. The pebble rock details produce a visual appeal.

3. Minimal yet Stunning

bathtub Minimal yet Stunning
bathtub shower via pinterest.com

Even though you are short on space, you can build a welcoming washroom. The ultimate key is compactness.

For sure, you must go for white space scheme. Like in this picture, the white ceramic tiles turn the area into a bright, open, and airy personal retreat.

4. Scandinavian’s Influence Bathtub Shower

Bathtub Shower
Scandinavian’s bath tub by pinterest.com

Nordic design gets more popular due to its simpleness and sophistication. As you can see, the freestanding bathtub, tankless toilet, wall-mounted shower head and floating vanity result in the uncluttered washroom.

In addition, the ceramic-tiled walls provide a nice textural contrast. And the wooden stool is such cute addition.

5. Lively Oasis Bath Tub Shower

one piece bathtub shower combo
Oasis Bath tub by pinterest.com

This tubber combo does not look stark at all despite of predominantly neutral shades. Thanks to the two-tone mosaic tiles. They display fresh and ornate details.

The presence of potted greeneries perks the space up. Not only that, polished wooden vanity injects the small bathroom with a warm ambiance.

6. Unrefined yet Charming

modern tub shower combo ideas
bath tub shower by pinterest.com

When you see this picture, an unpolished shower chamber comes to your mind for sure.

The walls display plainly gorgeous weathered wooden planks. And the metal fixtures lend the area industrial air.

7. Opulent Statement

acrylic tub shower combo
tub shower combo by pinterest.com

Are you a contemporary decor fan? If yes, you must give this marvelous idea a shot. This washroom is adorned by marble subway tiled-walls and sink countertop.

They absolutely depict the timeless deluxe in the modern age. While the built-in storage works as the home for your toiletries.

8. Serenity Meets Functionality

48 inch tub shower combo
bath tube shower by pinterest.com

Sometimes, a classic-style bathroom is all you need. Because it offers you the imperial feeling.

In this version, the tubber combo only has two neutral hues, light brown, and crisp white. The wrought iron items undoubtedly remind you of old days. An oddly-shaped bathtub steals the show. Perfect!

9. Maximum Tranquility

deep soaking tub shower combo
bathtube shower ideas by pinterest.com

No hesitation, the homeowner’s favorite color is brown.

This shade produces a peaceful and inviting atmosphere along with white-colored fixtures. And a stationary glass panel creates an extravagant layout.

10. Simple yet Attractive

deep soaking tub shower combo
simple bath tub by pinterest.com

In case you want to be a geometric wizard, this idea is the easy way to go. Install square wall tiles and smaller ones for the built-in storage.

Of course, the white rectangle-shaped bathtub will fit into the design. Two pastel blue pieces pop against a neutral-toned washroom.

11. Unique Twist Bathtub Shower

bathtub shower combo for small bathroom
twist bath tub by pinterest.com

This tubber combo is almost entirely made of marble. No wonder, it looks supremely lavish.

Moreover, the glass panel and doors do a spectacular job in magnifying a sense of luxury.

On the other hand, the plain wooden floor clearly evokes rustic flavor.

12. Sunny and Posh Bath Tub Shower

one piece shower units
bath tub shower combo by pinterest

The shower bathtub combo should reflect your taste. If you admire the ultra-modern design, this idea will tug at your heart in no time.

A futuristic bathtub matches perfectly with mosaic tiled-floor, marble ceiling, and walls. The large window keeps the restroom from looking dark and depressing.

13. Classic Appeal Bath Tub

corner shower tub combo
Classic bath tub by pinterest.com

Invite the royal character into your washroom with the help of clawfoot bathtub. This stuff effortlessly depicts the Victorian age’s grandeur.

An old low wooden stool enhances the traditional style. In addition, the artwork, floral prints, and a pop of yellow emanate cheerful and organic setting.

14. Cornered Bath Tub

tub shower faucet
Bath Tub by pinterest.com

Not into a rectangular bathtub? Well, you have to install a cornered bathtub in your lavatory. It does not only look cool and innovative but also saves a lot of your space.

The bathroom is well-ventilated too. Thanks to the glass doors and panel. While the marble and mosaic tiles beautify the entire area.

15. Glass Paneled Tub and Shower

deep soaking tub shower combo
tub shower combo by pinterest.com

Add an ultra-minimal touch to your tubber combo with the floating wooden vanity and tankless toilet. For the shade, white is a perfect choice. This tone helps give the area breezy and visually roomy effect.

In this washroom, long rectangular bathtub gives you more enjoyable bathtime.

16. With a Mesmerizing View

bathtub shower combo for small spaces
bathtube shower by pinterest.com

Obviously, the dweller got the inspiration from a Japanese bathroom. The light grey tiled-walls exude soothing and mind-relaxing ambiance.

Plus, a wooden piece is so Japanese. While an oversized glass window lets you enjoy the breathtaking scenery while taking a bath. This area truly brings out your inner zen.

17. Lovely Orange Bathtub Shower

bathtub shower combo lowes
orange bathtub shower by pinterest.com

Although your lavatory is small in size, you can make it look as delightful as the big one.

First of all, feature straight lines for modern air. Then, coat the walls in white and orange paints. The orange ceramic tiles and flowers evoke vivacious and perky life.

18. Inspired by Nature

mini bathtub shower combo
bathtub shower ideas by pinterest.com

Well, this flagstone-inspired bathing chamber is definitely your dream oasis. The cornered bathtub has a uniquely eye-catching shape.

Furthermore, you feel like you own the indoor waterfall. And a frosted glass window brightens the room without sacrificing your privacy.

19. Go Bold Bathtub Shower

bathtube shower by pinterest.com

Being completely neutral is not wrong at all. But, why not incorporate punchy color into your washroom?

We believe the end result couldn’t be better and fresher. As seen in the picture above, vibrant blue subway tiled-walls look more astonishing.

In addition, white curtain and pastel grey offer a soft touch.

20. Tropical Accent

Tropical Accent bathtub shower combo design ideas
bathtube shower combo by pinterest.com

This shower room is certainly appealing. The white subway-tiled walls provide geometric visual interest.

While the wooden planked-floor gives the washroom a rustic statement. A circular wicker rug injects the space with a tropical vibe.

Hopefully, those bathtub shower combo ideas make you get inspired. You can mix and match the ideas depending on your budget. Plus, show the real you into the creations.

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