20 Lovely Lighting Ideas to Help You Install Light for Stairway

When it comes to the lighting, some people tend to focus on the landings or hallways. There is a misconception that stair illumination is not paramount. In fact, the light for stairway should not be overlooked.

With good lighting, you will be able to prevent unwanted accidents like a misstep. Moreover, the lighting enhances the look of your staircases. That’s why we have collected these outstanding ways to illuminate the stairs.

1. Wall Sconces

light for stair

In this predominantly white living quarter, the homeowner uses a couple of wall sconces. They add much-needed light to the stairs. And they balance an overhead light source really well.

As the versatile fixtures, they also perform nicely in any area of the house. Say goodbye to the poorly-lit space!

2. A Cluster of Pendant Lights

A Cluster of Pendant Lights

As you can see the home has fashion-forward look. That’s the reason the dweller opts for something fancy and extraordinary.

Here, there are multiple hanging pendants housed by a ceiling rose. The lights are absolutely captivating. Thanks to their crystal shade. They instantly produce a sense of luxury.

3. Surface Lighting

Surface Lighting

The picture above shows the elegance of the LED strip on the floor. They illuminate the hallway after dark.

Due to its simpleness, it will serve as a cool addition to a minimalist abode. Interestingly, the lighting source is tastefully invisible.

4. Industrial-Style Ceiling Lights

Industrial-Style Ceiling Lights

Here, industrial-themed light fixtures brighten the black stairs and hallway. They are hung from the ceiling and make the area much more inviting.

Plus, they match wonderfully with the home’s monochromatic design. The patterned floor tiles adorn the space. Now, everything looks so alluring.

5. Interior Stairway Illumination

Interior Stairway Illumination

If you want to highlight your indoor stairway, just install the lights on the wall. Of course, this kind of lighting makes use of wall mounted spots.

In this example, the installation does not follow the exact rule. But you can position one spot per three or four steps. Welcome aesthetically pleasing and modern stairway.

6. Vintage Chandelier

Vintage Chandelier

A wrought iron chandelier serves as the permanent light fixture here. It injects the stairway with old-world’s magnificence.

Moreover, there is a wall switch for turning it on and off. The bright white shade of chandelier blends harmoniously with the white shiplap walls and navy stairs.

7. Stair LED Lights

Stair LED Lights

Add a mesmerizing glow to your room by supplying the staircases with LED lights. You can benefit from them due to their energy-efficient quality.

Since the LED lights consume less electricity, you won’t face the issue of the high energy bill. Not to mention, you are able to switch them on all night.

8. Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Accentuate your stairway with the help of wall-step recessed lights. Although they come in a low voltage, they will definitely give you a big impact.

You can choose either round or square lights. Then, install one recessed light per three steps. And be ready as you get a modern and romantic vibe.

9. Under Tread Lighting

Under Tread Lighting

Installing tread lights will delightfully illuminate your stairway. As the one pictured above, floating staircases look more gorgeous with the LED strips embedded into each step.

They bring a dramatic and magical ambiance to the stairway. Your stairs are more opulent too.

10. Glass Ball Lights

Glass Ball Lights

In case you have U-shaped stairway, crystal orb pendant lights are such perfect additions. They provide the stairs brightness after dark without being extremely glaring.

It would be nicer if the lights are hung from the ceiling at staggered heights. They obviously deliver the modern air into the area.

11. Sisal Rope Sphere Pendant Lights

Sisal Rope Sphere Pendant Lights

As done by the homeowner, the sisal pendant lights do not only radiate the staircases but also exude the rustic style. The wooden handrails and brick walls magnify a sense of rusticism in a more refined way.

While the stainless steel stairs produce a beautifully industrial feature.

12. All The Way Up The Handrailing

All The Way Up The Handrailing

In this version, the dweller really takes the handrailing into consideration. The stairway is well-lit by the long LED strips beneath the railing.

Before the lighting, the minimalist home was monotonous. But, now they make the space more interesting with their warm lights.

13. Outdoor Stair Lighting

Outdoor Stair Lighting

To keep the outdoor stairs from being gloomy, you need to install wall-mounted solar lights. According to their name, they must be regularly exposed to the sun in the daytime.

Once fully charged, they will light up the stairway. They are also great for the other external usages.

14. Tiny Light Bursts

Tiny Light Bursts

Looking for the easiest way to highlight your staircases? Well, give this idea a chance.

As seen in the picture, the mini LED lights are installed along the wall on the right side. Besides illuminating the area, the lights double as decorative elements. They totally look like twinkling little stars.

15. LED Strip Along The Handrailing

LED Strip Along The Handrailing

Avoid an accident in your basement with good lighting. Thanks to the LED light strip beneath the railing. The stairway is not ill-lit anymore.

This wall surface lighting also works really well to adorn the rustic stairs. And, you don’t spend a great amount of money on your electric bill. Sounds amazing, right?

16. Perfect Combination

Perfect Combination

The dweller smartly uses cascade glass ball pendant lights and LED floor lamp to prevent the stairway from looking dim.

The floating stairs also get an instant modern boost and visual appeal due to their striking appearances. They also lend the space whimsical vibe.

17. Cool LED Light

Cool LED Light

Using LED light for illuminating the staircases is truly a brilliant idea.

Because there are lots of colors to choose from. For instance, the homeowner picks pink colored LED light to adorn the stairway area here. Isn’t it divine?

18. Antique Light Fixture

Antique Light Fixture

A chandelier works to brighten the entranceway in the attic room gloriously. It fits nicely into the traditional design. And the small wall sconce almost resembles the chandelier. What a stunning combo!

19. Exterior Staircase Lighting

Exterior Staircase Lighting

Great lighting is equal to safe walking paths.

Light up your deck stairway by installing round recessed LED lights. Mount them in the stair risers. They truly add an aesthetic appeal to the stairway.

20. Unique Stairway Lighting

Unique Stairway Lighting

In this posh home, the eclectic golden light fixtures radiate the entranceway. While a pair of downlights provide stairway brightness. We guarantee they will impress your guests.

Light for stairway is a perfect solution in your dark home. It provides you and your family extra safety by minimizing falls. So, let’s brighten and decorate your stairway!

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