20 Best Living Room Color Schemes Ideas to Inspire Your Home

Your living room is the most-visited spot. You have a conversation with your guests and relax with your family here. Therefore, make sure your living room color scheme is impressive and inviting to provide the ultimate comfort.

Whether you want to go with minimalist or eclectic style, you can find an impressive living room color scheme ideas right in this article. So, keep on reading!

1.  Sandcastle and White Living Room Color

Transitional Living Room With Warm Color Scheme

As one of the beige hues, sandcastle is a flexible tone that adds warmth to your living room. You might want to combine sandcastle with a few tints of other colors.

Go with neutral colors like white and gray to accentuate the warm and relaxing ambiance.

2. Blue Sky Living Room Color

Living room with turquoise color scheme

Blue is the color of the sky so it is usually associated with open spaces.

For a minimalist yet cool companion, try combining it with neutral colors like white, cloud, and black in less fussy furniture. This combination looks inviting without being exaggerating.

3. White Living Room Color

Living Room With All-White Color Scheme

This small living room looks cozy and comfy thanks to the off-white wall and sofa.

To add more color without overlapping the white hues and making the living room look more compact, gray pillows and blanket are thrown to the sofa and ottoman.

4. Eclectic Charm Living Room Color

living room color
by Matthew Williams

Brush over the theory that you have heard about decorating your living room. If you want it to be colorful, just do it.

This living room is decorated with colorful floor sofas. All the vibrant colors are lined up on the purple rug. To avoid the haphazard look, paint the wall white.

5. Beautiful Beige Living Room Color

Living Room With Neutral Color Scheme

When combining with the proper pieces of furniture, beige can add the touch of luxury to your living room. Incorporate earthy color schemes and textural elements like this bamboo rug to your living room to accentuate the luxurious and warm ambiance.

6. Shades of Gray Living Room Color

Living Room With Earth-Toned Color Scheme

Gray is the color of elegance. However, it can be somewhat dull. Therefore, concocting the shades of gray to create a wonderful living room color scheme is worth trying.

The ash and stripped sofas complement the Hazelwood and pebble color wall well, bringing the harmony. Some soft gray hues beef the living room up.

7. Neutral and Earthy Living Room Color

living room color ideas

Consider earthy colors for the larger areas that people can notice easily to bring nature.

The wall behind the built-in shelves comes in tortilla color. The gray carpet enhances the natural look nicely. To enliven it, pick up a contrast just like this navy blue sofa.

8. Turquoise and Gray Living Room Color

living room color scheme ideas

Gray is one of the most versatile colors. Paint your wall gray and you get a blank canvas that can be combined with any color of your choice.

This bright turquoise sofa and green cushions add pops of colors as well as alleviating the dullness of the gray wainscoting paneling.

9. Winter Living Room Color

my Living Room Color Scheme

Soft color hues like frost and white can make a pretty good base for your living room color scheme. They provide a calming effect that makes you feel more relaxed.

To make it less stark, roll out a patterned rug and hang a few decorative elements on the wall.

10. Teal and Fresh Lemon

Teal and Fresh Lemon Living Room Color

Bring positive vibes to your living room by implementing bright colors.

The teal wall will cheer up your day as it is associated with energy and serenity. The lemon armchair freshens up the living room immensely.

11. Feminine Pink and Gray

Feminine Pink and Gray Living Room Color

Soft gray can bring feminine ambiance to your living room, which makes it more serene. To complement the look, use softer pink hues like salmon or peach that infuse romantic ambiance to it.

Place Hydrangea or Carnation on the coffee table to sweeten the look.

12. Bold and Masculine

Bold and Masculine Gray Living Room Color

Gray can be either feminine or masculine depending on which hues you are going to use.

Darker gray like pebble or charcoal incorporates masculinity to your living room when it combines with minimalist furniture and orange leather upholstery cushions.

13. Soft Eggnog and Vivacious Purple Living Room Color

Soft Eggnog and Vivacious Purple Living Room Color

Combining soft neutral color with vivacious color hues can create a dramatic look in your living room. The egg nog wall makes a perfect combo with purple and magenta.

The abstract rug lying on the floor anchors the color schemes perfectly.

14. Simple yet Elegant Living Room Color

Simple yet Elegant Living Room Color

An elegant living room does not have to be sophisticated.

A simple one can give the touch of elegance. Try incorporating gray and cobalt blue in your living room for the lavish look. The green ottomans are the icing on the cake.

15. Orange Living Room Color

Orange Living Room Color

If you want to infuse joy in your living room, try painting the wall orange. You need to be careful, though.

You might not want to go overboard as too much orange will make an uncomfortable sight. Pair it with white to lessen the effect.

16. Energetic Living Room Color

Energetic Living Room Color

Yellow is the color of joy while red is the color of passion and energy. When these colors are joined together, you get an energetic living room.

To smoothen the transition between them, incorporate some neutral colors like white, black, and beige to your living room.

17. Stay Calm and Relax for Living Room Color Options

Stay Calm and Relax for Living Room Color Options

This is the living room where you can release your stress after being trapped among a pile of files in the office. The pistachio wall provides a soothing effect nicely.

Opt for gray linen sofa so you can lounge on it comfortably.

18. Holiday Escape for Living Room Color

Holiday Escape for Living Room Color
Coastal Living.com

This living room conjures up the memory of visiting a tropical beach. The rug featuring a few blue hues looks like a wave sweeping the sandy beach. To make it look more dramatic, you can hang a few beach photographs behind the sofa for the accent wall.

19. Deep Blue Sea Living Room Color

Deep Blue Sea Living Room Color

The concoction of navy and sapphire blue creates the image of the deep blue sea.

Some beautiful pictures hanging on the wall will make you feel like you are diving in the sea and being amused by the indescribable beauty of corals.

20. Red Living Room Color

Red Living Room Color

Wine furniture is a bold choice for your living room, and that is good. To alleviate the boldness, try hanging gray wallpaper with simple patterns. This combo will make a perfect minimalist living room.


Whatever living room color scheme idea that you choose, you need to make sure that it makes you feel comfortable and adds a personality boost. Now, get your paintbrush and begin to overhaul your living room.

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