25 Minimalist Living Room Ideas that are Absolutely Fabulous

A living room plays a significant role in your abode. It is a space where you gather with the family members and friends. And nothing beats the maximum relaxation amplified by a minimalist living room.

Some of you might think that a minimalist communal space is just about black and white. It is not true for sure. Which is why we have gathered up these fantastic ways to keep the area simple.

1. The White Wall Living Room

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Indulging in your favorite book is such awesome way to spend your weekend. However, busy walls obviously will distract you easily.

Make your living location more mind-relaxing by painting the walls in crisp white color. Then, fill the space with sleek units and install a stunning light fixture.

2. Less is More

minimalist living room on a budget

For a more spirited discussion and conversation, give this idea a try. In this neutral-toned sitting room, there is only some furniture.

The futuristic sofas really catch the eye in no time. They double as the decorative elements. And the artwork is such true showstopper here.

3. Indoor Greeneries Living Room

minimalist living room without sofa

As seen in the picture above, the living area features open wooden shelves, a shag rug, sofa, circular table, and floor lamp. They create a minimalist layout.

Moreover, the colors produce a soothing ambiance throughout the space. It is brought to life with the indoor banana trees. They are so tropical, right?

4. Eclectic Pieces Minimalist Living Room

minimalist living room ideas pinterest

There is nothing wrong about incorporating your favorites into the minimalist design. In this sitting room, the sofa, coffee table, floor lamp, and built-in storages lend the space sophisticated look.

Additionally, the white-colored pieces on the table add aesthetic appeal to the living space.

5. Striking Art Pieces Living Room

minimalist living room pictures

Even though the lounging area is minimal, you should not sacrifice your design taste. Here, the golden sunburst mirror and painting adorn the space.

The plain walls serve as the backdrop. Furthermore, the ceiling fan with lights, patterned throw pillows, and potted plant embellish the whole area.

6. Minimalist Yet Layered

minimalist living room apartment

If you do not fancy plain white, this idea is the way to go. As the one pictured above, the walls work as the blank canvas. You can cover them in layers of textures to get the bold statement.

For instance, use animal skin rug, upholstered daybed, velveteen armless chair, wooden table, and wicker rug.

7. Minimalist Living Room The Swedish Style

minimalist living room ideas

A fan of Scandinavian decor? Then, you must give this idea a chance. Here, the predominantly white living space is uncluttered and refined.

A couple of sofas and wooden chairs create a streamlined look. The artworks, pendant lights, and wire deer head steal the spotlight. A pop of yellow spices up the room.

8. Industrialist and Minimalist Living Room

minimalist kitchen and living room

Who says industrial-style lounge is always full of clutters? In fact, you can design your dream living space while upholding the minimalist concept.

The wooden cabinets, metal high stools, concrete, and brick walls exude a sense of rusticism. And the big-leaved plant in the container offers an organic setting.

9. Living Room With a Spectacular View

black and white minimalist living room

After getting through a rough day, all you want to do is kicking back on a sofa bed. Of course, you can relax comfortably in the mess-free living room.

Besides keeping the area minimal, do not let breath-taking view go to waste. In this penthouse, skyscrapers pamper the eyes at the daytime and nighttime.

10. Cozy Seating

apartment therapy minimalist living room

Deliver minimalist air into your abode by getting rid of unwanted clutters. You can pare down the artwork first.

Then, put the artworks and coffee table in the warehouse. Just position a pair of armchairs, a small table, and storages. We promise these actions will give you mind-clearing effect.

11. Characterful and Colorful Living Room

minimalist house interior living room

The minimalist sitting room is mostly associated with blandness or monotony. The picture shows you that it can be lively too.

The wall and window decals make the space welcoming and playful. You can also include a vibrant orange and blue sofa. Aren’t they eye-pleasing too?

12. Minimalist Living Room With Dark Furniture

minimalist living room lighting

We extremely love this idea. Here, you can spot black ceramic-tiled wall, dark grey sofas, and the jet black chair.

Pops of dark shade bring a drama, depth, and elegance to space. While the brick walls and trendy floor lamp emanate the industrial feel.

13. Asymmetrical Beauty

mid century minimalist living room

This living space features polished concrete floor and furnitures with metal legs. They exhibit the modern and industrial flavor at the same time. However, the thing that makes it attractive is the unique shelving units. The cubes come in various sizes from small to big.

14. Tropical Minimalism

minimalist living room modern

erahomedesign.comInject your sitting area with a tropical vibe. In this modern and edgy room, the jute chair, rattan side tables, and indoor plant bring back your vacation memories in tropical countries.

The artwork and yellow Barcelona chair add a splash of colors to the room.

15. Mesmerizing Hue

perfect minimalist living room

If you love the minimalist idea, but do not want to go for an all-white space scheme. Well, this idea is for you.

You can make a big difference with a pop of invigorating color. Here, periwinkle shade turns the stark space into a dreamy escape.

16. Minimalist Retro

minimalist red living room

Since the retro interior design is a huge comeback currently, why not incorporate it into your home update? The red armchair, wing back chair, and a sofa covered in earth-toned plush fabrics will be the perfect elements.

17. Refined Luxury Living Room

minimalist living room set

Although the ceiling and walls are white, this living space does not look plain. Thanks to the wooden coffee table, plant, flowers, and artworks. Plus, the dark brown leather upholstered sofa produces lavish character.

18. Indoor and Outdoor Lounge

traditional minimalist living room

This neutral sitting room is a bit rustic and a lot ultra-modern. The stacked stone wall brings nature into the home. While the white seating, open shelves, cabinets, and the table look ‘oh-so-fashionable’.

19. Coastal Meets Tropical

minimalist living room rustic

Inside the living area, the navy throw pillows and artwork on the wall exude beachy nuance.

While the white wooden rocker, a couple of rattan armchairs, and low round wicker coffee table embrace the tropical elegance.

20. Subtle Pop of Shade

minimalist living room design ideas

This communal spot has earth tones such as cool gray, white cream, and brown. Moreover, the light green throw pillows create a cheerful ambiance.

The arrangement of seatings and artworks offer symmetrical pleasure. What a living space!

21. Modest Cozy and Colorful Living Room

scandinavian minimalist living room

A style that is based only on one word: style. The white color stands for pureness and also clearness and also takes care of to develop an unique atmosphere thanks to its simple presence.

22. Clean and Netral

Clean and Netral 


23. Dark Features

Dark Features
by Est Living


24. Accent Minimalist Walls

Accent Walls 


25. Unique Style Living Room

Unique Style 


In essence, the minimalist living room teaches you about living with less in a magnificent style. We hope our ideas help you find greatness in simplicity. So, are you ready to revamp your lounge?

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