20 Stunning Red Kitchen Design Ideas You Should Check Them Out

There is nothing wrong about going for a neutral space scheme. But if you get bored of white or grey for your culinary space, it is time to include some bold color. Well, red kitchen design obviously will please you.

The thing that makes red versatile is it can work really well in any kitchen style from modern to traditional. For you who are so excited with this energetic shade, we have collected the terrific options below.

1. Lacquered Red Kitchen Cabinets

red kitchen design ideas

This room has modern and industrial appeals at the same time because it is filled with metallic appliances, sharp edges, and well-defined lines. However, it does not look cold and bland thanks to the glossy red cabinetry that exhibits the understated glam.

2. Predominantly Red Kitchen

Red Kitchen design ideas

As you can see, red is a major kitchenette player here. The walls, cabinets, ornaments, and backsplash lend the space a welcoming ambiance. Moreover, black, grey, and light brown contrast beautifully with the red. The stools give the area a fashion-forward edge.

3. Farmhouse Red, White, and Black Kitchen

Farmhouse Red kitchen

This farmhouse kitchen features a checkered floor, white walls, a wooden table, and black dining chairs. In addition, it displays a red-painted window frame, floor, and wall-mounted cabinets.
The color combo provides a dynamic and eye-catching appearance. Meanwhile, the greeneries spice up the entire space.

4. Red Kitchen Island

Red Kitchen design

Not so ready for painting your entire kitchen? This red kitchen island is such an easy way to infuse some invigorating spirits.
Since it comes with bookshelves, you can store your favorite cookbooks as well. Furthermore, the richly stained wooden floor emanates the warm atmosphere.

5. Retro Red Gas Stove

Retro Red kitchen

If you admire the old-fashioned design, give this idea a glance. The kitchenette looks more delightful with the help of a vintage red stove. It pops against unfinished wooden cabinets. The concrete floor and exposed ceiling beams create rustic charm. What else could you want?

6. Splashes of Red kitchen Design

Red kitchen Design

Keep red from overpowering by using this bright color sparingly. In this example, red backsplash, napkin, mug, teapot, and flowers match nicely with neutral-toned culinary space. Not to mention, the blue kitchenware and paper pennant introduce festive cheer.

7. Unusual Red Kitchen Island

Unusual Red Kitchen Island

From the picture above, we believe the homeowner embraces the ergonomic design. The glass ornaments and red kitchen island have odd shapes. But, they are supremely phenomenal.
The French-style mirror doubles as the showstopper. Meanwhile, the white space scheme is chosen in order to evoke a clean and open setting.

8. Various Red Shades

Red kitchen design

Turn your boring cookery into something divine by incorporating red in every shade. As a vivacious color, it will make a great impression.
The kitchen employs crimson red pendant lights, carmine jug, scarlet storage box, ruby, and white table cover. No wonder, this space grabs the attention.

9. Red Kitchen Focal Points

Red Kitchen Focal Points

We love the way how this culinary space looks. The exposed brick wall, wooden floor, and metallic accents produce rustic chic.
While the white ceiling, sleek countertop and pendant lights enhance a sense of modernism, a pair of red high stools and refrigerator draws the eye quickly. What a spectacular design!

10. Red Kitchen Lower Cabinets

Red Kitchen Lower Cabinets

When it comes to the red kitchen, most people are afraid of going too wild. Well, paint only the lower cabinets for new vibes, instead.
Here, the white subway tiled-backsplash, wooden cupboard, and stainless-steel appliances complement the space. The pendant light and wall sconces illuminate the area at nighttime.

11. Red and White

Red and White kitchen

We cannot deny that red and white result in a fresh room. The kitchen island, cabinets, wall, and drinking wares seem trendy. Additionally, white-colored elements inject a bright and airy atmosphere. Meanwhile, a couple of pastel orange stools evoke playful nuance.

12. Candy Red Cabinetry

red kitchen ideas

Some of you might fall for the glaring red shade like candy red apple. If you do not find it too much, give it a go.
In this kitchenette, the grey backsplash, dark wooden floor, and stacked stone wall make the red cabinetry tastefully stand out. And the potted plant depicts a lively environment.

13. Shiny Red Kitchen

Shiny Red Kitchen

This cooking area is so darling. We have nothing against that. The red cabinetry, kitchen island, and chairs; all exude the opulent shine. And the metallic mosaic tiles on backsplash infuse a contemporary chic into an interior space.
Plus, the laminate wooden floor, white wall, and countertops balance out the others.

14. Deep Red Shade in a Kitchen

 Red Kitchen design

Generally, the homeowners stick to perky red shades. But, the dark red is just as excellent. Here, the maroon red cabinets and built-in storage make the modern room feels relaxing.
This color also offers an intimate ambiance and calm energy. It matches wonderfully with white and metallic hues.

15. Red Kitchen High Contrast

Red Kitchen

This cookery predominantly has a neutral space scheme. Here, you can spot beige gas stove, black concrete floor, white ceiling, and walls. The scarlet red lower cabinets truly take the center stage.
And the open shelves display red mug collection. They draw the eye up, so you don’t only focus on the lower cabinets.

16. Red Kitchen Backsplash

Red Kitchen design

Instead of installing subway tiles, you could opt for a cherry red backsplash. You do not worry about red tomato sauce splattering on it anymore. Meanwhile, the pastel grey cabinets tone down the vibrant backsplash.
Moreover, the acrylic dining chairs, plain wooden island, chandelier, and floral blind are perfect additions.

17. Posh Red Kitchen

Do you want to spend an entire day baking in this kitchen? Because we do. It is not only cozy and welcoming, but also sumptuous. Thanks to the glossy red cabinets, marble countertops, and crystal pendant lights. And the concrete backsplash provides a nice texture.

18. Traditional Red Kitchen

Red is a versatile color for culinary space. We cannot agree more with that statement. When paired with earthy shades, everything will look sensational and charming. Do not forget to include metallic units, too.

19. Red and Yellow

This kitchenette is a world of joy. From ceiling to the dining chairs, all are meticulously designed. Dieters beware; the bold colors such as yellow and red might increase your appetite. But that’s okay, right?

20. Black and Red

As seen in the image above, the homeowner welcomes black and red into the cooking area. This duo makes the space feel ultra-modern and exciting while the red statue decorates the area. What a gorgeous kitchenette!

Playing with red is really fun. You can use it either as the accent or big player in the culinary space. Whatever your choice, the result must be impressive. Which red kitchen design you love the most?

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