20+ Space Themed Bedroom Design Ideas For Kids And Adult

Outer space packs a lot of wondrous things and indescribable beauty that has never failed to awe anyone, including your kids. If your kids adore the outer space a lot, bring it to them by implementing space themed bedroom makeover ideas.

You do not need to worry about the best idea that your son might like because you can find 20 wondrous ideas here. Keep on reading!

1. Simple Mural for Space Themed Bedroom

space themed bedroom ideas

This bedroom has proven that refurbishing a space-themed bedroom does not have to be pricey. All you have to do is painting the wall a few shades of blue.

Then paint earth and some other planets along with rockets and austronaut.

2. 3D Galaxy for Space Themed Bedroom

space themed room tumblr

Go with 3-D wallpaper rather than paint. There are many 3-D wallpapers for a space-themed bedroom that you can choose from.

The 3-D effect will provide a more authentic look that will absolutely amaze your son. Dark curtain and bed can give a lively lift to the bedroom.

3. Cute Aliens and UFO for Space Themed Bedroom

space themed bedroom for adults

Many people think that aliens are scary creatures. Don’t let your kids soak in this spooky misconception and end up getting bad dreams about aliens.

Instead of frightening them, introduce them with friendly aliens. This will ensure them that they do not need to worry about aliens and UFO.

4. Fly Me to The Moon for Space Themed Bedroom

space themed bedroom accessories

Some men have flight to the moon and explored it. Maybe your kid will be the next astronaut that visits the moon.

But now, let him explore his imagination first with this space-themed wallpaper and moon-like rug. Some tiny stars found on the curtains and lampshade also perk it up.

5. Star Wars for Space Themed Bedroom

space themed bedroom lighting

After watching Star Wars, your son might be so worked up that he imagines he is Jedi. Well, it is time for you to make your kid smile exuberantly.

Have the wall painted one of the most iconic characters of Star Wars and hang some accessories over the headboard.

6. Space Themed Bedroom with Shuttle Shelter

creating a space themed bedroom

Your kid is going to love the space shuttle. He can read books or play a game with his friends there while exploring the galaxy.

The floating planets will take the space-themed bedroom come to life. And the astronaut bed cover will complement the space shuttle.

7. Retro Outer Space Themed Bedroom

space themed room decorating ideas

Well-worn headboard and furniture with crimson finish denote the vintage style immensely.

To give the touch of a space-themed bedroom without overlapping the vintage style, retro space-inspired mural art will be your greatest bet.

8. Murphy Bed for Space Themed Bedroom

space themed bedroom designs

Murphy bed is the best furniture for a space-challenged bedroom.

But for your kid, this bed is not just a space-saving piece of furniture. It is also a dream that comes true as it features the shape of a space shuttle and incorporates additional storage space.

9. Space Themed Bedroom with Relaxing Blue Sky

space themed bedroom furniture

redrosegym.comA space-themed bedroom does not have to be sophisticated and overwhelmed with stars and planets.

A single lampshade with some small clouds on it can be the best choice, especially for a baby boy’s bedroom.

10. Meteor Showers for Space Themed Bedroom

space themed bedroom wallpaper

This space-themed bedroom has proven that sleeping in the attic is not always a bad idea. In fact, it can be fun. The sloping ceiling makes the space-themed mural become more appealing.

The textured green rug that looks like grass enhances the story of meteor shower seen from the hill.

11. Space Themed Bedroom with Twinkle Little Stars

space themed bedroom uk

The ceiling is the first thing that your kid sees when he lies on his bed. Therefore, focusing the decoration of space-themed bedroom on the ceiling is the top-notch option.

12. Minimalist Space Themed Bedroom

space themed baby room decor

For a growing boy like your kid, a minimalist space-themed bedroom will be nice.

There is no kiddish stuff anymore. All you have here are a space-themed wallpaper as the accent wall so it will suit your kid although he is growing up.

13. Space-Saving Space Themed Bedroom

space themed baby room

This white bedroom looks great with a few tints of red and blue. The desk and shelves are lifted a few inches off the ground, creating clean floor space.

The only space-themed thing is the cupboard that encourages your kid to reach his dream.

14. Space Themed Bedroom for Small Area

space themed bedroom decor

Do not let limited space prevent you from creating a space-themed bedroom for your kid.

This small bedroom looks fabulous with stars and some other outer space objects that make a dramatic backdrop to it.

15. Space Themed Bedroom with Aliens and Astronauts

diy space themed bedroom

Instead of telling your kids that aliens are horrible creatures, why don’t you tell them that aliens can be friends with astronauts? Through this space-themed bedroom, your kid can explore his imagination as well as learning that they can make friends with anyone.

16. Entertaining Space Themed Bedroom in a Space Shuttle

outer space themed bedroom

Have you ever felt staying in a space shuttle? How does it feel? Don’t just imagine it! Make it true! It does not mean you have to join NASA, though.

Decorate your bedroom or entertainment room with space-themed furniture. Focus on the lighting to provide the authentic look and the ambiance of outer space.

17. Simple Space Themed Bedroom for Baby Boys

outer space themed room ideas

The room decoration for your baby boy’s bedroom does not have to be complicated. A simple space-themed bedroom like this one will work like a charm.

You can begin by painting the wall blue, then add some stars and a green rocket on the wall. Hanging a monogram or the letters spelled as your baby’s name makes a great accent wall.

18. Space Themed Bedroom with the Stars

space themed bedroom stickers

Well, it might not the best space-themed bedroom idea.

But if your kid cannot decide whether he wants to be a sailor or an astronaut, fuse those dreams into one. A boat bed will work nicely with some stars on the ceiling.

19. Beach Space Themed Bedroom

space themed wallpaper for bedrooms

This bedroom looks like as if it were on a beach, thanks to the sandy-beach-like rug that provides the ambiance of a beach.

Try attaching inflatable solar system balloons rather than floats for a more space-themed bedroom.

20. Let’s Explore the Galaxy for Space Themed Bedroom

space themed room pinterest

Some planets and a monkey with a space shuttle will amuse your baby when he lies in the crib.

A merry-go-round with space theme hangs over the crib, giving an unrelenting entertainment for the fussy baby.

21. Galaxy Moodboard Space Themed Bedroom

space themed room paint


22. Space Themed Bedroom Ideas For Child

space themed room escape walkthrough


Those are the space-themed bedroom ideas that you should try at home. They all look cool. But if you want to save more time, you can go with space-themed wallpaper rather than a mural.

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